I am Shayla, an avid outdoors woman. A runner, hiker, backpacker, kayaker, canoe-r, backcountry skier and more. I am a vegetarian and animal lover. I am an introvert by nature; I recharge in the woods or by reading a good book. I started this blog to document a new journey…that of the ultra runner.

This fall, I will be running a 6 hour ultra marathon in Southern NH. The Joe English Twilight Challenge- you can read more about it here– but the gist of it is six hours of running a 2.62 mile equestrian trail loop. My goal is to run 50 kilometers (31.0686 miles) within the six hour timeframe. The bonus to participating in this event is the proceeds benefit the Amherst Land Trust, connecting the enjoyment I get from running and my love of nature.

I have run a marathon, but to run an ULTRA – how do you train for that? For guidance, I have coach and motivator extraordinaire, Kale Poland. Kale is indescribable, you can learn more about Kale (and why he’s indescribable) through this npr story, which includes an audio clip should you prefer to listen. Kale was recommended to me by a friend & co-worker who knew I was looking for a trainer. I performed some due diligence research (aka Google search) and when I came across a story of how Kale completed a 500 mile ultra…(up a mountain) I was ALL IN.

Welcome to the journey…My Ultra Experience.