#REALGAINZRIDING Finale & Reflection

Riding a minimum of 10 miles each day, outdoors, for the month of April was a challenge. Writing each day, about my riding, turned out to be equally challenging. Creating the content wasn’t the challenge, it was carving out the time. During my rides, the thoughts and ideas would flow. I considered recording videos while on my ride and sharing those on YouTube. I tried that two years ago when I trained for my first ultra. I looked back at those videos and realized why I didn’t continue that path…trust me, you’ll appreciate me sticking with the written word, ha ha!

For those unable to contain their curiosity, you know the ones, those folks that skim paragraphs in a book to get to the good part. Here’s the good part: I completed the 2020 realgainzriding challenge!! For those data junkies out there, check out the deets.

Points highlighted:

Date: earliest and latest time ridden

Distance: shortest and longest

Calories: least and most burned during activity

Time: shortest and longest duration

Max speed: activity with the lowest and highest

Elevation gain: activity with the least and most


In reflection, my most memorable ride was the longest, April 11th. Wanting to check out some roads I hadn’t been on, I stopped at the top of a hill at an intersection. Both roads had a steep descent and I knew one would bring me straight, but sooner than I wanted. Google maps showed that I could make a nice semicircle if I took the road to the unknown. Off I went. Down and fast. Wheeeee! Little did I know, and what Google maps does not show, is the texture of the road, which turned to gravel. Crap. No way was I going to ride back up that hill. Janna, I thought of you at this moment. My road bike is not meant to ride gravel roads, and the added concern was the sign “MUD pass at own risk”. Great. I sent a message to John that I was going to try the gravel road, but to be on alert because he may need to pick me up. Long story short, John did pick me up, but it wasn’t because of the gravel road – it was because I ended up too far away from home and didn’t want to pedal my butt any farther.


This leads me to one of the reasons I purchased a new bike, a gravel bike! I would be able to expand my playground, as the cycle shop exclaimed, and explore more of the roads where we live. There are a fun amount of gravel roads in our area and I wanted the freedom to explore. The new whip has yet to be named.

So shiny!


My least favorable ride of the challenge, was the second to last ride. It was cold, windy and raining. There were lots of days where it was windy and rainy, but this was the coldest. I was soaked all the way through, except my feet, which had bread bags over them and under my socks. Shoes got wet, but my feet stayed dry and warm. Luckily, John had the wood stove going for me when I returned…ahhhhh.

Today is the first day of May and the first rest day in over 30 days. It is rainy and I have to say I am glad for that, otherwise I may be tempted to take my bike out for a spin!

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