Riding Miles: 10.21 | Time: 51:20 | Ave. Speed: 11.9 mph | Ave. Cadence: 82 rpm | Elev. Gain: 389 ft

Running Miles: 6.01 | Time: 1:04:02 (prescribed run, starting at 12 min/mile go a little faster each mile, ending with a fast mile)

Weather: during the bike, 67F sunny and windy; during the run, 65F mostly cloudy and the wind had ceased

Gear notes: slightly over dressed in the sun, perfect layers for the shade. Depending on head gear and how I do my hair, I have to keep adjusting the helmet straps. Now that its getting warmer, I will have to find a hairdo and stick with it for these rides.

Ride was enjoyable and I ventured down two different side roads. The route (image featured above) makes me think of a unicorn with a stubby ponytail who’s sticking her tongue out. Or am I just imagining it because I am so tired?

Calves were sore and took a while to warm up. Gearing on the bike is starting to slip more often. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I will most likely be riding the mountain bike. Maybe then I will have a new appreciation for the Fuji when I return to it on Thursday :-).

The first daffodil of the season. John planted these bulbs last fall.

Post ride (or run) refuel is usually a smoothie. I have a dark chocolate vegan pea protein powder that I use, along with frozen antioxidant berry mix, frozen kale and usually a half of banana. If we have it, I also sprinkle on shaved unsweet coconut. When I took my first sip of smoothie today it was nasty! The worst taste and smell, ever. I thought I was going to lose my cookies. I smelled every ingredient and narrowed it down to the kale. Who would have thought that frozen kale would go bad. IT DOES! I had to dump the smoothie out and start fresh. The remaining kale from that baggie went into the compost. Luckily, I have two more and the compost will help me grow kale next season, Funny how that works.

No work calls during my ride/lunch today!

In addition to the realgainz ride, my training plan called for 6 miles of progression – see running miles above for more detail. I was already tired from my ride, but promptly at 5:45pm I strapped on my sneakers and headed out the door. It was interesting how I didn’t even try to procrastinate. I think the realgainz is really starting to be a routine now.

View from my run. This is on a gravel road nearby, that I wished we lived on. Land envy.

The first four miles were slow and my legs felt as if I was dragging weights. At the start of mile five I had a fairly steep, but short, hill to climb. I was trying to beat my prior mile time, and therefore I began to panic. I have only been able to run up the entire length of this hill twice since we moved to the area last August. And that was when I was in my top training shape. I knew I would be walking much of it, and I was worried I wasn’t going to make my goal pace for that mile.

I pushed hard. Legs and arms pumping as best I could, along with shallow breathing and unintelligible murmurings. Success! I then went on to finish my last mile, mile six, at an insane-for-me-right-now pace. It was as if mile five was the meticulously slow process of loading a cannon, and mile six was the resulting force projecting me forward at a surprisingly high rate of speed.

It was a tough day. I am sore, tired, and feel great!

Check out these splits!


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