Riding Miles: 10.3

Time: 51:02

Ave. Speed: 12.1 mph

! NEW! Ave. Cadence: 84 rpm

Elev. Gain: 413 ft

Weather: 63F, sunny, dry and windy

Gear notes: I really need a new bike. The gears kept slipping on me and the brakes are wearing thin. Wore shorts today and started out with warm gloves but quickly changed over to riding gloves.

A glorious day today; so nice to see and feel the sunshine.

After speaking with a subject matter expert today, I added a data point, average cadence, to track my riding efficiency. Thanks Mike! When I have some time, I may even go back and update the previous posts.

The ride was fairly uneventful, with the exception of a text from work about a “hot” request. Don’t people go to lunch at noon anymore?

I have been wanting to take a photo of the miniature lighthouse at Lake Potanipo, but there have been people there each time I ride by. Hopefully at some point this month, I will get a chance. I resorted to a photo at the smaller pedestrian covered bridge. This exact spot marks the turnaround at the Ghost Train Trail Races. The Ghost Train is the race I have helped pace a runner at the last two years. John and I are signed up for it this year – we are running the 15 mile relay together – I sure hope it still goes on. It is in October, still time I suppose.


The turn around at the Ghost Train Trail Race. In 2019 I ran this with Dennis, wearing a banana costume. 

Aches and pains started to surface today. Mostly my left side, knee and the top of my foot. The top of my foot has been sore for a month or so now, which I thought was from running more road miles vs trail miles this winter. I have only run twice in the last week, so I am not sure its from running.  I soaked my feet in Epsom salt and will continue to monitor it.

Afternoon snack of Picky Bars Drizzle. I dislike peanut butter – bleh. This is almond butter with cinnamon, coconut sugar, vanilla bean and maca. When drizzled on apples, it tastes like pie!

Another challenge I put on myself this year is to finally reach my goal of hugging a tree each month of the year. This year, I am hugging the same tree in the woods on our property. I thought it would be interesting to see the changing of the seasons. Today, I was crazy and brought my bike into the woods for the photo shoot.

The highlight of my day was when John came home…, with a bag of goodies- LOL. Thanks Margaret!

Yep, 8 rolls of toilet paper!

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