Another day of multiple workouts.

Riding Miles: 10.14 | Time: 54:24 | Ave. Speed: 11.2 mph | Elev. Gain: 380 ft

Yoga: 40 minute mini session via Zoom with my former neighbor and instructor 🙂

Running Miles: 10.24 | Time: 2:00:02 (prescribed run 5 min, walk 2 minutes for 2-hours)

Weather: during the bike, 41F and cloudy; during the run 57F – sun peeked out for a bit

Gear notes: forgot my water AGAIN, at least this time it was in a bottle on the counter. Thankful for my thermal bike pants, it was a brisk morning. Toes were a little chilly, should’ve worn the wool socks.

Riding began early today so that I could make it back in time for 9am yoga with Dani. I was so excited for this, as I have not practiced with Dani in over seven years – I think. Her studio is in Medford, MA and when I moved out of the city it just wasn’t practical to make the drive. Dani has kept me on her email list and I was delighted when I received an email that she was teaching classes via Zoom!!!!! I am going out of order, let me get back to the ride.

I rode through the center of town today, stopping at the picturesque bridge for a bike photo and selfie. Has “selfie” made it into the dictionary? Again, I digress. The town center is cute, a couple of small churches, the American Legion, town hall, and a newly reopened convenience store. It was fairly quiet, only a handful of cars out at 7:30am.

Picturesque bridge selfie, you’re welcome. I just realized how crooked my helmet is!

While I was meandering down side roads, gathering my 10 mile distance, I found two trailheads! I made note of their location to research later. In January, I became a committee member of our towns Trails Committee, a subcommittee of the Brookline Conservation Commission (BCC). You can see my name listed on the town website, cool eh? The two trails I saw had the BCC logo on them so I definitely need to do more research; I want to become intimate with every inch of trail in town.


Yoga was so much fun, I really missed Dani. I have a CD of one of her classes, that I bought a few years back, so I could practice with her voice. There is something about her voice, tone and mannerism that I connect with and makes the practice serene. I also got to see two fellow students that I knew from back then, so nice. The session focused on table, warrior one and airplane. The session increased my awareness of how weak my hips are, time to incorporate more yoga and hip exercises to my routine.

Islay is ready for yoga

After yoga, I jumped into the car and drove to a rail trail to meet Amanda for the run portion of my day. Maintaining the appropriate distance, we caught up on our daily lives, got some fresh air and managed to find a small trail network with some vert (aka elevation). Amanda was my timekeeper. I thought I had set my watch for the appropriate workout (5 min run, 2 min walk) but apparently the alert setting didn’t keep. It was funny because every time Amanda would say “run”, I would flair my arms in the air and start running – as if something was chasing me. I did it every time.

Back home, I was too sore to stretch so I walked it off for a bit and worked on a staining and painting project, image below. I also received a text from a wonderful friend, Margaret, who is picking up toilet paper for us. Still nothing in any of the stores in our vicinity – thank you Margaret!

Purchased this step stool unfinished then painted, stained and poly’d

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