“Suffer is an interesting word that can usefully be defined as “having the capacity to endure pain without having to change it, resist it, or cling to it.” – Joanne Cacciatore, PhD, Bearing the Unbearable.

Riding Miles: 10.01

Time: 45:55

Ave. Speed: 13.1 mph

Elev. Gain: 402 ft

Weather: 60F, mostly cloudy, minimal wind

Gear notes: Shorts day! Thank goodness because all my cold weather gear was in the wash. No ear warmers or hat needed. Unlocked the old Fuji from the trainer.

Todays mantra: I am clipped in, I am clipped in….you get it – I was clipped in. The mountain bike I have been riding has a platform on the pedal so I can wear my old running sneakers. My road bike has the pedals that I clip into with special shoes and I didn’t want to forget and “crash”. Especially with wearing shorts – road rash anyone?

I waited for the day to warm up and dry out the pavement, so that I could take the road bike. The mountain bike has been hurting my back, forearms and hands since its not my size. My plan for the month is to use the road bike whenever I can, and only use the mountain bike in inclement weather.

The road bike is FAST, and it felt so good to be on a bike that somewhat fits me. It has its quirks and needs new gearing, but it was a hand-me-down and I am grateful for what I have. When I am pedaling hard uphill it sometimes slips gears, which totally makes things fun when you are standing! Downhill is scary fast. I can’t forget that this bike is old and owes me nothing,  which also means I need to be careful. I swear the back tire is warped and the back brakes are hardly working. Have I mentioned I am going to get a new bike once his pandemic is over?

I decided to venture out farther than three miles from the house (ha ha ha) and rode out to Route 13 to make it a loop (see Strava image below). Which for those who are not familiar with the area, is a 50 mph road that is a direct route to Massachusetts. Surprisingly, the roads were busy. I busted tail south and had only a few swearing moments. I don’t know what it is, but lately the people who are out, are driving like a-holes.

This irks me. Notice the data discrepancy between this image and my notes. The above is from Strava and my notes come from Garmin. I am going to stick with the Garmin notes, since that is what I started with. But how frustrating…each platform is taking data from the same starting place.

We have a winery – Averill House Vineyard–  just down the street from our house (a literal mile) and I saw they were open for takeout. I checked out their website when I got home and turns out they were selling wine smoothies today! I considered going back out, but was distracted by something…likely the cats.

Tomorrow I will be taking my first yoga class via Zoom, can’t wait!

The rivers and streams are flowing strong from all the rain the last few days. This is a pedestrian covered bridge. On the weekends, when you drive by, you can see wedding photos being taken in the entryway. How romantic. 

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