Brick workout day!

Strength Training: 1-hour insane circuit session

Riding Miles: 10.07 | Time: 56:21 | Ave. Speed: 10.7 mph | Elev. Gain: 460 ft

Running Miles: 3.01 | Time: 29:46

Weather: 43F, rain and wind (second day in a row)

Gear notes: Riding pants arrived! Tush was still wet, but warm. Wore rain jacket under reflective vest and glad I did – vest was soaked. Buff and ball cap for the ears/head.

I started the day tired and ended exhausted. I may very well be typing this in my sleep. The hour strength training session was solid – I felt stronger than ever. In hindsight, I should have just jumped on the bike and kept momentum. For those wondering, a brick workout is when you perform two workouts back to back with minimal to no break in-between.

Instead, I went to the grocery store. Timing was fairly well as it wasn’t busy, but they are still out of toilet paper and a lot of people were wearing face masks. It was surreal and resulted in a bit of anxiety. So much so, that it drained me enough that I had to take a nap. Seriously.

After the nap, it felt like a brand new day! Fuel in hand, I geared up and went into the mist. Quite literally. It was dark, windy and the rain was a combination of mist and large drops. The water was beading off the rim of my hat. I thought it would make a really cool photo, but my phone was stashed away in a plastic bag and I was too lazy to stop and get it.

Todays ride was prescribed to be an “easy” one. It is a real battle in the mind to go easy when instinct is to pedal as fast as you can to get it over with! I think what resulted was somewhere in the middle. It is only day three and my mind is wandering into self-doubt land.

Bike finished, I quickly changed into running tights (I didn’t want to chance chafing), swapped shoes (kept the socks), fresh gloves, hat, ear warmer and jacket. Back out the door I went… into somewhat brighter skies? Seemed so, but it may have been a mirage.

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline for a while, then, after jumping off, tried to walk normal?  That is precisely how my legs felt! After about a mile though, my legs remembered what they were supposed to do, I got into a nice groove and got it done.

I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow and, so far, the weather looks decent – meaning no rain.

In other fun news:

I planted seeds last week and and the “Sassy Lettuce” was the first to make an appearance (row 9). Other seedlings, in order: 5- zucchini, 7- winter kale and 10- “Salad Bowl”. Thinking of you Janna & Sue 🙂


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