Miles: 10.01

Time: 50:28

Ave. Speed: 11.9

Elev. Gain: 356 ft

Weather: 51F, rain and wind

Gear notes: Opted for thermal pants over the bike shorts today. Headband to protect my ears from the wind and I remembered gloves. Wished I remembered the neck buff. Still no water.

Compared to yesterday, this was an uneventful and casual ride. The radar showed a storm heading our way in the afternoon and I had hoped to get my ride in before that. The sun even peeked out a bit just before noon! Sadly, I was caught up in meetings and wasn’t able to pull away from the computer until nearly 2:30.

With that said, I worked straight through lunch and was hungry. I didn’t want to take the time to make something before the ride, so I opted for the next best thing…and here is where I add a shameless plug for Picky Bars ūüôā to whom I am an amBADASSador for this year. No, I do not get compensated for clicks or purchases. Picky Bars are a small company based in Bend, OR that started in a home kitchen for a picky athlete. I use one of the owners (Lauren Fleshman) running journals and learned of Picky Bars through reading about the author. We like the products so much that we are part of their subscription club. When they launched the inaugral¬†amBADASSador program this year, I immediately filled out an application and was chosen to¬†help¬†promote their products.


The other food item I am about to chow down on in the photo is a gel, but not your typical gel….and I really, really like it for my long runs…¬†Spring Energy.¬†Double fisting, I guess you could say! Both Spring Energy and Picky Bars are made with real food and easy on the stomach (for most). John does not care for Spring Energy, you will thank me for not sharing why.

Anyway, back to the ride, which was relatively normal other than being cold and wet. The gravel shield on the down-tube reduced some of the splash up. See that there? I am learning some bike terms! My butt was soaked by the end though. I did see a random kitchen cabinet on fire in the middle of a construction site, that was interesting. Oh! I figured out that the cul-de-sac that I usually run through is exactly one mile around. If I really need to stay close to the house, maybe due to more inclement weather, 10 rounds of that and I will be set!

If you want to see something really crazy, this guy ran a marathon on a helipad Helipad Marathon. It is an extremely long video, I watched a few moments of the start and finish. Insane.

Not much mud, just wet. My rear was soaked to the bone.

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