Hamster Wheel 2019

For those not interested in the commentary and only want to know how far I ran, scroll down to the STRAVA image 🙂

Hamster Wheel 2018 I ran 44-ish miles in just over 11 hours. My goal was 50 miles within 12 hours, but the thought of going out for another 2 laps (4-ish mile loops) was too daunting. The wind, rain and cold stacked up against me.

Though redemption at this years Hamster Wheel was my main focus, I managed to run a few fun races and one horrible one. I also paced/motivated/made a fool of myself for a friend during his 100 mile race a few weeks back. All of these events made me stronger, both physically and mentally. Each of them were opportunities for me to learn what worked and didn’t work, for me. Shoes, clothes, socks, blister prevention, food, water and hairstyle. It all matters!

I helped pace a friend for 15 miles (of his 100), in this banana costume during the overnight hours. It kept me toasty warm! The reflective shirt is from Oiselle, its their Firecracker Long Sleeve

The week leading to the 2019 Hamster Wheel was surprisingly anxious for me. I had positive thoughts, but for some reason I was a bundle of nerves. I am usually not nervous until the morning of a race, the drive to the venue is horrendous for me. However, once I am settled in, have my bib and know where the start is, I am all good.

Everything was perfect, it all fell into place. We set up right along the course, limiting any unnecessary mileage. The weather was cold, high 20’s with frost on the grass but it was sunny and would warm up. Anything would have been better than the previous years conditions. The sun remained out all day, not a cloud in the sky. The breeze picked up a little, but when I was in the woods I barely noticed. John joined me for around 20 miles; he signed up race morning to run the 6-hour.

Out and back and loop de-loop I went for a full 13 laps. My grand total, including all the dashes to the bathroom and mess hall for food was:


I created a log and asked John to take notes after every lap. I modeled the log off of the poster board Janna had created for my Twilight Challenge 50k last year. I think John did an amazing job keeping tabs on my progress…don’t you?

I am enjoying the memories the list invokes, and laughing at the moments I don’t remember at all. The morning after the race I wrote a list of things I wanted to remember (last image).

In case you are wondering, and if its not obvious: the “p” is literal 😉
The * was my first goal and ** was my secondary goal, depending on how I was feeling. My third crazy thought was going all-out for the 24-hour. I wasn’t going to be THAT crazy…this year anyways!




Ah, the memories




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