Reason behind the silence …

I have been meaning to post for a long while now and realize its been way too long! So here’s a summary of what we have been up to…

After we returned from CO, we dove head-first into house hunting. OMG. What a whirlwind. So much excitement. So many choices. So much to think about.

Many drive-by’s (well over 30) and over a dozen showings, we bought the last house we saw. Let me tell you, do not put all your trust in the photos you see on the realtor sites. Had I done that, I would not be living in the gem we ended up with.

The photos for the house we bought were not enticing, the house didn’t make it on my list. It made Johns. We were going to be in the area anyway and decided to add it to the list. I wouldn’t say I fell IN LOVE with the house but I felt right at home. We made an offer the following morning and the offer was accepted that same day.

Our dear friends from Vermont joined us for a two day moving extravaganza. So, Much. Stuff.

Brookline NH

Now, it’s nearly been a month in the house and we are starting our first major project. Flooring! We are purposefully living on the first floor (bedroom is the dining room) while we tear up carpet and paint walls in preparation for hardwood floors. Let the demolition begin!

Islay is sad the carpet is leaving. They’ve been zooming around the upstairs since it’s been empty.

Also, I am still training for ultras (crazy, I know). I am running the same races I ran last year. The Twilight Challenge (October) that I will use as a 6-hour training run for the Hamster Wheel (November) for another chance at getting my 50 miles. Haven’t decided if I want to sign up for 12-hour or get crazy and sign up for 24-hour. We’ll see 😉

I’m in heaven …

I plan to post progress updates. I haven’t decided on frequency yet. Stay tuned!


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