Colorado | Brainard Lake and Grandpa Bredo

Sadly, it was time to leave the Mount Falcon Airbnb though we were excited for our next stay. Two nights at 9,000 feet!

The homeowner informed us that the place was ready early so we took that opportunity to drop our luggage and head for a trek in the woods.

We arrived at the trailhead to find, not surprising, that the road to the lake was still closed. There was a tremendous amount of snow on the trails and we saw a woman cross country skiing! We overheard her telling some folks that she makes it a point to ski at the park every Memorial Day.

Microspikes in pack, we headed onto the Waldrop Trail which would bring us to Brainard Lake. After about a mile of treading lightly on the rotting snow, and a few post-holes, we decided to take a side trail back to the paved road to finish out the trek.

Massive John Deere tractors were parked about a third of the way up the road. We would later find out by a local mountain man, that the park service was plowing the road to get it ready for Memorial Day. That’s A LOT of snow.

Once at Brainard Lake, we took in the views of Mount Audubon and surrounding snowcapped peaks. Heading back, we followed the paved road and made our way into town (Nederland) for dinner at a very tasty restaurant, Ubon Thai.

After Thai, we stopped at a local outfitters, Mountain Man. The proprietor informed us that had we come in March, we would have been able to take part in the famous parade. We laughed. That kind laugh when you don’t want to admit you don’t know what someone’s talking about and are trying to be polite.

The next day, via a cryptic but prophetic email, we were instructed by our dear friend Ian to deliver greetings to Bredo Morstoel should we happen to see him in Nederland.

Still oblivious to any connection, John asked Ian if he owed Bredo any money. It wasn’t until we were reading a local magazine back at the Airbnb, that we made the cosmic connection between many disparate clues. Bredo Morstoel, aka Grandpa Bredo, according to is “frozen in a state of suspended animation, awaiting the big thaw.” The parade is an end of the winter festival which just got added to the bucket list!

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