Colorado | Mount Sanitas & Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Woke at the crack of dawn to meet Josh (of Cairn Guides) in Boulder. A couple handshakes and a moment to greet Penny – Josh’s girlfriend Kari’s dog who was along for the adventure.

We had no idea what Josh had in store for us. It was 8am and already in the low 70s with clear, sunny skies. The trail went straight UP! We gained 1,300 feet in just over one mile. Our hearts were pounding. Even Penny protested a couple times, lying down suddenly in the (rare) shady spots.

The view from Mount Sanitas was well worth the sweat. You could see the high rises of Denver, the Flatirons, Table Mountain and snow covered Long Peak – a 14er! A 14er is what the Colorado folks call mountains above 14,000 feet. Similar to New Englanders and our 4,000 footers 🙂

Mount Sanitas

The run down the other side of the mountain was fast, steep and technical for a half mile. Then, it leveled out on some nice gravel and we coasted the way back to the car. Spent, we took Josh’s advice and wen to a local breakfast joint – Snooze. John had a blueberry pancake stuffed with marscapone – nom nom nom. I enjoyed a veggie frittata and a chocolate chip pancake.

We strolled along Pearl Street, known for its shops and people watching before heading back to the AirBnb to rest up for a night at Red Rocks.

Red Rocks was a 30 min drive away and a mile hike. Unless of course you wanted to take an Uber from the parking lot! Once in the Amphitheatre we checked out the beer prices…$12.75 for a tall can of and I quote John, “bad beer”. The “good beer” was $18.75. We hadn’t been drinking all that much here because of the altitude anyway so no loss there.

Smaller than I imagined, the space was magnificent. It was 7pm and the sun had already dropped behind the mountains. I looked forward to the night, when the rocks and stage would light up.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre by day

John really enjoyed the opening act, Lucius. Me, not so much. Once Lord Huron came on stage, I was in heaven. The performance and acoustics were indescribable. The wind would blow, changing the sound in ways that made it seem like it was swirling.

We have seen Lord Huron every year for the past four years. Each year their stage presence improves. This year the lead singer pulled out a life size skeleton and while behind it, moved it around stage as if it was singing. The skeleton even had a microphone in his/her hand!

Lord Huron performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Seeing a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre was on my bucket list…I had been waiting for the right band to perform there. Of course, as we were looking their season lineup, another band I would love to see is performing in August…may need to keep an eye on that one. Gregory Alan Isakov would be magical to see, he has performed there with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Can a bucket list have duplicate entries?!


  1. I really enjoy your posts of your trip, hikes and Red Rocks experience. My daughter Kaleigh and I summited Longs Peak, it was my first 14er. Keep posting!


    1. Thanks Jack! I read an article on Longs Peak, that describes it as not for the faint of heart with the scrambling steep pitches. That’s awesome you and Kaleigh hiked it together…and as your first! Impressive!


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