Colorado: our outbound adventure

The day began unhurried. A nice big breakfast to clear out the fridge. Lots of love to the cats – missing them already.

Airport check-in was easy, though my Picky Bars (plant-based energy bars) saw another level of security. That is where the downhill spiral started…

Flight delayed in order to clean up from a bird-strike. I wished the gate attendant hadn’t give us that amount of detail. Short delay, just over an hour. Fine. We’d still make our connecting flight no problem.

In air, we settled in to watch a movie. Movie ended which was supposed to be close to the end of our flight seeming how we were only going to Charlotte. More time passed and the Captain announced that we were unable to land in Charlotte due to thunderstorms. We had been circling the airport for a couple hours and we were running out of fuel! Unexpected landing in Florence, SC. This airport was a ghost town, only three terminals – if you’d even call it that. There were abandoned planes and parts of planes strewn about the edges of the runway. Felt like the start of a Stephen King movie.

Re-boarding at Florence Airport

They let us off the plane and into the terminal to stretch our legs. They were unsure when we’d get back in the sky. we were on vacation so we were not stressed at this point, going with the flow. Couple hours later, we and three other planes who had joined us, we were up in the air headed for Charlotte. Our connecting flight had been pushed out to a later time so we thought we had a chance.

As our plane landed, we were notified that the departure time for our connecting flight was pulled back and we had minutes to get to the other terminal…on the other side of the airport. We arrived at the gate to see the attendant’s back as he was closing the door.

We waited for him to return and he directed us to the customer service line which was a quarter mile long- not kidding! I told him how long it was and he worked his magic and booked us on the next flight out. We were so grateful!

We had enough time so we grabbed some food and people watched in the terminal. Then, 20 minutes before we were to board an announcement came that our plane was “not working properly” and they were going to swap planes. Two hours went by as we watched the customer service line grow, thankful that we at least had a ticket.

Finally on board, tired, hungry and uncomfortable. Flight was a little bumpy, rousing me from a much needed nap. Landed at 2am MT to the notice that even though we didn’t make our original connecting flight, our bags did! We grabbed our bags and headed to the rental cars.

At that time of night we had our pick – well, except for the brand new corvette in the showroom. We tried, it was not practical for our trip anyway. Our car <drumroll> a Subaru Impreza! Ah, feels like home.

We finally arrived at our AirBnb at 4:20am MT – no joke! In bed by 5am and alarm set for 8am…to run a 5k race in Longmont.

Our ride, with Mount Falcon Park in the background

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