Black Mountain | Benton, NH

Still in ultra marathon recovery mode, coach Kale had me “freestyle” the weekend so long as what I did was not strenuous or for a long period of time. This led John and I to consult the “52 with a view” peak baggers list.

The “52 with a view” list is compiled of 52 mountains with elevations under 4,000 feet and wonderous views. Black Mountain is estimated at 2,820 feet. You can read more about the list and how it first came to fruition on the official site, Check out the patch you can get for hiking them all…you’ll chuckle.

During hikes, we often contemplate the meaning of life and the wonderful world around us. Today’s topic was zero. The number zero (0).

Is zero (0) a number?

John: its complicated. It depend on the mathematical context of the conversation. But in every normal sense, it is. Unless it isn’t. See, it is complicated.

Shayla: zero is nothing, zilch. You can’t count “zero”, it isn’t anything. What does that mean when you attach it to a number, like say, the number 20. Is that then two nothing? What does it mean?

No conclusion was reached on the conversation. Yes, it is complicated. Luckily we were delightfully distracted by one of the many views along the hike to the summit.

For those not in New England this time of year, here is a short video of the start of foliage season. In this video you are looking out towards Mt. Moosilauke an AMC 4,000 footer (4,802 feet to be exact).

Click on each thumbnail below for a closer look:

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