Countdown to Twilight Challenge – 2 days

Today was a “nothing” day. I did stretch and roll a couple of times and now lying in bed with a heat pad wrapped in and around my legs. I am experiencing tightness in my adductor muscles (the ones on the inside of your leg) so the heat should help loosen em’ up.

Tonight I caught up on washing our workout clothing – we have SO MANY…and could use more! Though I do think John is all set in the shorts department. He has more shorts than all the bottoms I have combined. He is in need of good running shirts…ah, there’s an idea for Christmas. I have a difficult time finding shorts. I have what are called “American thighs” especially now that I have gained more muscle. Most female runners wear short spandex shorts…and I mean short. Like 3-inch inseam short. I have tried 5-inch inseams and even those are too short and creep uncomfortably up my legs. The 7-inch inseam is my personal favorite but not many brands carry them. I have ONE pair of longer shorts – a Nike and is what I will be wearing during the event. I think that pair is a 9-inch inseam.

Since I am on the topic of clothing, a couple of days ago we already determined I was going to be wearing a tank top so that my shoulders could be “free”. I have two fluorescent tanks: a Reebok in blaze orange and a Saucony in neon yellow. Well, it is hunting season.  I will be running in the woods. So, maybe blaze orange is the way to go?! Kidding of course. The event is on private property so there won’t be any worries there. Color will end up being a spontaneous day-of selection.

The sports bra brand I favor is from Oiselle, an athlete women-owned company from Seattle.  Their clothing is well designed and the fabrics are very sturdy. One downfall is that their bra styles seem to change frequently. From that, I have learned that when you find something you like and that works for you – buy multiples!

My favorite socks are Balega’s. They carry a wide variety of styles from the no-show to high ankle socks and even have some with a blend of wool to help wick sweat. I have been running in these for as long as I can remember. My mother bought me my first pair one year for my birthday and they just work – blister free.

And lastly, SHOES! Over the years I have tried a variety of brands: Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno, Asics and Salomon. I have spent the majority of my running in Brooks and Mizuno. I converted back to Brooks last year when they returned the wider toe box feature with the Adrenaline GTS. I will be running in these Saturday along with a backup pair of trail runners, the Cascadia’s which are also made by Brooks.

Okay, enough gear talk. Time to catch up on some sleep – looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow (6am).

Snug like a bug in a rug.


  1. Fun entry! Never thought I’d be reading about bra styles, etc. I also love socks with some wool or even modern all wool socks. They work great. Best of luck at the big event!


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