Countdown to Twilight Challenge – 3 days

Today was personal trainer day with Chris- body weight only, per coach Kale. That might sound confusing so here is a reminder of who is who: Chris is my personal trainer and Kale is my run coach. Wow. That statement makes it sound like I am high maintenance. I assure you, I am not!

Back to training. It is amazing how a non-cardio body-weight workout can make you sweat. It is also amazing how many variations of lunges and planks there are! Chris is also a nutritionist so I have been consulting with him on my race day nutrition. We went over my race day fuel today too. For those interested, some of the food items I will have on hand during the race are: rice balls (Scott Jurek recipe), banana, a variety of GU gels, watermelon, orange slices, saltines, chocolate, roasted potatoes coated with sea salt and my usual post workout shake – just in case.

I had a random thought cross my mind today. If…I guess the question really is…when a runner needs to go to the “bathroom” are we allowed to jump into the woods and go?  My guess is no. I mean, there could be up to 350 runners on the same 2.62 mile loop. I imagine if any of us dart into the woods – we’d be seen by another runner! Especially if we are all wearing headlamps! I suppose I should inquire about that pre-race.

Time for some shut-eye. Getting up at 4am two mornings in a row is exhausting.

And if you are wondering about the featured photo…yup, that was me circa 1990 with a perm. I can still remember how that fringed Nashville shirt felt…it brings me comfort in knowing that some memories never leave us.


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