Countdown to Twilight Challenge – 4 days

Sorry folks, no video today. Was up at 4am in order to fit in my run, had to work late, didn’t get home until 7:30p and finally ate supper at 8p. My alarm is set for 4am (again) tomorrow for my weekly training with Chris. I just finished stretching…time for bed. But not before writing a little something…

Mantras were on my mind today. Paraphrasing from Wikipedia, a mantra is a spoken word or phrase that is believed to have positive effects on ones emotional state. I have many mantras, each one is specific to a goal or mindset. My go-to running mantra, when focusing on running form is: light as a feather, free as a bird. This mantra helps me to visualize myself soaring through the air, without gravity holding me down, loosening any tension. I will likely be using this throughout Saturdays event.

Another mantra that I have written down to read to myself after the event is from ultramarathoner Scott Jurek’s book Eat & Run where he writes about an event where he broke the American record for running the farthest distance, 165.7 miles, in 24 hours. In his book, Jurek wrote: “I had done what I had set out to do. It was time to rest. Then I would eat. And then, run again.” For me, this will serve as a reminder to myself that, after the six hours is over, I will have done what I had set out to do.


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