Countdown to Twilight Challenge -5 days

Five days – eeek!

Biggest item on my mind today? Or, shall I say at this moment:


As of today, Monday, the forecast for the Saturday 5p start is to be in the 60’s and mostly sunny changing over to partly cloudy by nightfall.

That thought then snowballs into the question: what do I wear?

I’ve been training in the heat of summer wearing shorts and tanks. I wore a T-shirt couple of times and having something on my shoulders was irritating. Maybe I have crooked shoulders because I would constantly be yanking the right sleeve down to keep the shirt from strangling me.

Sounds like I just decided on a tank top 🤔. I have Smartwool arm sleeves that I will pack in my gear bag if I get chilled. A friend once told me that when you’re running, expect it to feel about 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature (thanks Janna!). Sounds like the perfect running weather.

A quick compilation from this past weekend:

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