My Ultra Experience Wk 14

Run: 17.37 mi. | Strength: 1 hr. | Hike: 11 mi. | Rest Days: 2

The day following the overnight pacing extravaganza, John and I had planned to hike. We were in the north woods already, so why not? Well, that was before we decided to run into the morning. It was nearing 5am and John and I were still wound up from running all night and knew we were not going to be hiking. I glanced at John and realized we were both thinking the same thing…lets pack up and go home to our comfy bed.

07281018 Jonah
Garmin stats the night of the pacing extravaganza

We took down our tent and paraphernalia in record time and soon we were on our way back home. Knowing I was not going to be able to stay awake to drive, John drove and I passed out cold. Arrived home at 6:30 am to the cats who were happy we were home, to feed them of course, and also seems to be confused.  Why were we going to bed… the sun had just risen, it’s time to play! They got over it real quick and soon we were all slumbering.

We woke at Noon and forced ourselves out of bed. Knowing if we slept all day we would not be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour later on and needed to get groceries for the week. I also had to run for an hour as part of my training (wait a minute, isn’t everything part of my training?)…training to run on tired legs. I was tired, but not yet exhausted so we fueled up and went out together for a nice easy hour.

The next day,  I was still tired. This also happened to be the night we had tickets to see Lord Huron at the State Theatre in Portland Maine! We drove to Maine, checked into the Airbnb and enjoyed a lovely tapas dinner before the show. We have seen Lord Huron many times over the past four years and this was their absolute best performance yet! As tired as we were, we were so happy that we kept to our plan to see them.

The remainder of the week was rough. Even though I went to bed as soon as possible each night, I still felt that I was losing sleep. It was as if I was going backwards in time, but at the same time moving forward. I know that doesn’t make sense – sometimes the way something feels doesn’t, and that’s okay. I have been learning to be okay with not always understanding what I am thinking or feeling for that matter (I have been feeling A LOT lately). I tend to over-analyze, which is kinda funny since I am a financial analyst.  Anyway, I am learning that sometimes there isn’t anything to analyze…it just, is.

Refreshing stream – had it been deep enough, I would have been all in!

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