My Ultra Experience WKs 7 thru 11

Digger 2 or 3I am so far behind in these ultra posts. It is quite a challenge in itself to find the time to write when I’ve been doing so much running, hiking, biking, strength training and sleeping. Therefore, I am “ultra” summarizing the last six weeks in order to catch up. I have an idea of how to make weekly posts easier so that I don’t fall behind again…we’ll see 🙂 oh yeah, and I took another ‘digger’ one of these weeks..actually, two in one run. C’est la vie

Week 7 | Run: 21.38 mi. | Strength: 2 hrs. | Hike: 8.10 mi. | Rest Day(s): 2

Week seven brought my running back up to decent mileage for the week; I am happiest when I am running. Maybe not always while I am running, but always after. Running keeps my mind and body in sync, it helps me process. This week I was processing the loss of my grandmother; it was the week of the funeral services. I made certain that I was 100% in the moment for all activities this week: running, hiking and both my strength training sessions. Exercise is good for the soul, clears those cobwebs.

Week 8 | Run: 10.11 mi. | Strength: 2 hrs. | Hike: 7.96 mi. | Elliptical: 1:45 hr. | Rest Day: 1

Machines, no more machines please! I was haunted by images of Stephen King’s image1Maximum Overdrive. Ever seen the movie? It’s a classic, a must see. Because one of my knees started to give me trouble (chronic patella tracking issue) Kale added the elliptical to my plan to give it some rest. The first session on Tuesday of 45 min wasn’t bad; it was the hour-long session on Thursday that put me over the edge and gave me the Maximum Overdrive nightmares of elliptical machines hunting me down.

Week 9 | Run: 23.02 mi. | Strength: 2 hrs. | ArcTrainer: 0:30 hr. | Track: 1:00 hr | Rest Day(s): 2 (!HOT!)

IMG_5458Back to decent running mileage again! This was a great week. I ran the farthest distance yet this year – 15 miles and felt accomplished. Oddly, it felt good to be sore. It felt good to be hungry. Not only was it a workout for my body, it was also a workout for my mind. Teaching my mind the positive mantras that are going to get me through this journey.

Week 10 | Run: 23.23 mi. | Strength: 1 hr.| ArcTrainer: 0:30 hr. | Cycle: 12 mi. | Indoor Cycle 1:00 hr. | Rest Day: 1

Independence Day! With a two-day work week, I had plenty of stress free time to get in my workouts. This is the week I felt I missed my calling as a professional athlete. No doubt there are stressors that come with being a pro. Like winning races – I am not competitive with anyone other than myself. Or public appearances – social anxiety anyone??!! I text my epiphany to Kale (run coach) who responded “YOU’RE awesome”. I’ll totally take that.

Week 11 | Run: 11.67 mi. | Strength: 1 hr.| Rest Day: 1 (technically) | Paddle Days: 4

Paddle weekend! I was anxiously awaiting the day that we would be putting the canoes into the water. This was a challenging week to get all my workouts in between packing for the trip and finishing up ‘stuff’ at work. The heat was back and I wanted so badly to run in the morning, but the universes did not align. One particular night I was at the track at 7pm, I waited as long as I could with the hope that it would be cooler that time of night. Not so much. I had a nice distraction though – an adult lacrosse game was being had on the turf in the middle of the track. I was apprehensive about running on the outskirts of this activity; I was told those balls can hurt if you get nailed with one. What was I to do? I needed to get this workout in. Luckily, I was only hollered at once, “heads up!”. It didn’t come close.

Fast forward to the paddle trip where I had a few mini strength sessions in my plan from Kale. I did all but one – the mountain climbers. I figured a near 16 mile paddle and a mile of portaging (carrying gear and canoe over land to get to the next body of water) met the strength requirement for that day.

Squats with Dogs2
Squats with (from left to right): Storm, KB and Oolie
Planks with Dogs
Storm and Oolie excited that we are planking. KB excelled at this activity, she smoked me with a full minute hold!

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