Follensby Clear Pond NY

Follensby Clear Pond Paddle Trip

Morning began at 5a in central Vermont. Took our last shower for a couple days, caffeine and we were off. A hour or so later and we were driving over the bridge into NY. We had a simple diner breakfast, more caffeine and drove another hour or so to the put-in.

We were a little nervous as there were quite a few vehicles already parked. Anxious to get out on the water and find the prime spot, Rob checked out the register. It didn’t look like there were too many folks out on overnights. Or at least those that signed into the register.

The forecast for Saturday called for rain, 50/50 chance. With that in mind, we had our sights on an island site with a lean-to. The lean-to would allow us to hang out as a group if the weather was too bad to paddle.

The water was easy and we made our way across the first opening of the pond very quickly. Checking the map, we aimed for the island and went for it -score! The island was inhabited, longing for company.

It was larger than expected and perfect for the dogs to gallop around. The privy…that was less to be desired. The leaning tower of privy, as we named it. It had a slight tilt to it and smelled pretty bad. Still tying to determine if it’s worth a “View from the Privy” post 🤓

It’s best to see this one from a distance, trust me

After setting up camp, we paddled over to the Horseshoe Pond portage trail. It was a short cary to a quiet pond with a few tent sites. Holy polywogs and leaches!

Besides the water creatures, the paddle on this pond was pleasant. John spotted a large rock jetting out on the shore so we headed there for a little relaxing and shared a brew.

Portaged back over to our island, had some snacks, beer and wine. Laughter was plentiful and soon we were feeling the buzz of camping. Lying back in our chairs, we had a short siesta before cooking supper and heading to bed early (9p) to try and catch up on much needed sleep.

Sunday was the big paddle day. We paddled nearly 16 miles and portaged four times covering just under a mile of canoe carrying. We had the luxury of wheels for this trip, but still had to pull the boat out of the water and navigate it over felled trees and roots.

We saw loons on every body of water we came to, even one with a baby in tow!

Leaving the island was the saddest part of the weekend. It felt like we had just set up camp. I wasn’t ready to go back into the world.

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  1. My shorts are still dirty from that dirty shelter! Next time let’s get a clean site… with fresh dirt not made of charlie-coal…


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