My Ultra Experience: WK 6

Run: 5.84 miles
Strength: 2:00 hours
Hike: 9.10 miles
Speed Walk: 10.5 miles
Rest Days: 2

This week began emotionally tough. I lost my last living grandparent, my beloved Nan. Driving into work, I received the dreaded and anticipated call from my mom that she had passed. Even though it was expected, Nan had persevered so many times that it was hard to not think she’d live forever.

On this day, I was scheduled to speed-walk for an hour. I had brought my gear with me as I had planned to run during my lunch break. John and I had carpooled so I dropped him off at work, grabbed my work laptop and headed to my mom’s house. Not knowing how long I was going to be, I dropped off the car back at work for John and got a ride back to the house. Completely forgetting my gym bag in the car. I didn’t blame myself, I was still in a daze.

I figured, oh well; I wouldn’t get my training in. With all that was going on, it didn’t seem like I would have the time anyway. Then, my aunt and mom suggested taking the dogs for a walk. Great idea, except I didn’t have shoes and I was wearing a dress – a casual dress but still, a dress. I borrowed my moms shoes (slightly too small, which I would pay for later) and we were off – dress and all! Boy were we an interesting looking bunch, so interesting that we decided to have a photo taken – fashionistas!

Fashionistas ready for a walk. Chester in the foreground.

While I pushed along power walking, Chester decided to stroll along with me. Animals have such a healing power about them, I was lucky to be able to trot along with Chester in the woods.

I completed my workout for the day. The following day I had my personal training session with Chris along with another “brick” trail run. A rest day on Thursday, followed by a strength training session with Kale and another “brick” trail run. Saturday was an interesting walk 1-hr/run 1-hr combination and Sunday was a much, much needed hike with friends. Ah, the healing powers of nature…SHINRIN-YOKU.

Smarts Mtn AT
Somewhere along the AT

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  1. Peace to Nan… We talked about her so much that it kind of felt like she was hiking along with us.

    There’s nothing like a walk in the woods and a kiss from BuhBuh Cream to make you feel better!

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