My Ultra Experience: WK 5

Run: 20.82
Strength: 1:00 hour
Hike: 5.49 miles
Rest Days: 2

Week five started with a 5.49 mile hike out of the Grafton Notch. Since I am such a dedicated athlete, I practiced a few running form exercises.

Practicing at Camp
Arm swings to train my shoulders to stay DOWN

I eased into the week with a much-needed rest day, which I used to do laundry and get the house settled for the work week. Then, back to normal with the Wednesday personal trainer session; land mines, dead lifts, sprints, ladder, rowing, diamond push ups (which I felt the benefits of the very next day, yeow!) and sitting cable rows.

Next came a mental challenge for me…I was scheduled to walk 2 minutes then run 2 minutes…for 90 minutes! Luckily I didn’t have to hard a time convincing Janna to run with me :-). I programmed my watch to the highest number of intervals for the walk-run and we were off. The interval feature of the Garmin watch is spectacular. All you do is enter the number of minutes or miles you want to run then the number of minutes or miles you want to walk (Garmin titles this “rest”) and the number of intervals you want to accomplish. The watch beeps at you when its coming up to each interval so that you can enjoy socializing with your running companion. Like one of those As Seen on TV “set it and forget it” contraptions! Interval run was a success.

Kale (run coach) was away coaching a group of runners out-of-state. I decided, on my scheduled four-mile trail run, to head for a place that John frequents for his runs. Horse Hill Nature Preserve in Merrimack, NH. It’s a small preserve with a decent number of single track mountain bike trails. There is one longer “Loop Trail” that is slightly wider and is less popular with the bikes and I decided to take that route so that I wouldn’t have to be darting off trail as often.

I was just over a mile into my run when I saw a cute turtle making his/her way up the sand in the power lines. I stopped briefly to let the turtle know that it should be careful, it could get crushed there in the middle of the trail. Shortly thereafter I was really in my head and feeling good, when I went airborne. I hit the ground pretty hard and my momentum kept me going a short bit before I stopped completely. I had no idea what happened. I got up and looked back but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary; its likely my toe hit a root mid-stride – but I didn’t feel it. After shaking myself off and squirting water on the leg, it didn’t seem bad enough for me to turn back so I kept going and finished my run.

Finishing my run was the easy part. Cleaning the dirt and rocks out of the wound was painful. I had scraped along the forest floor long enough to get some really good pebbles engrained in the skin. I had to use a washcloth and scrub the already swelling gash. Nothing that a little Bag Balm won’t heal; and no, it’s not just used on cows anymore!



  1. Ouch! Thank goodness you didn’t knock your noggin’! I guess it’s just all part of the toughening-up process, right? But still… ouch.

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