My Ultra Experience: WK 4

Run: 9.12 miles
Strength: 2:00 hours
Hike: 32.26 miles
Rest Days: 1

Full disclosure, I am a full four weeks behind in what had intended to be weekly posts; which I am sure you have all been anxiously awaiting for 😉 I hope to catch back up very soon!

This week began with some back to back “brick- like” workouts. A “brick” is combining two  activities that normally serves as a workout on its own. Most “bricks” are part of a triathlete (swim, bike, run) training regimen, where the athlete will complete a bike workout then immediately transition to the run workout. This activity somewhat mimics how the athlete will perform on race day.

My “brick” was an hour of strength training followed by a two-mile run. The intention here, is to mimic the leg fatigue I will likely experience during the ultra. Not only getting the body prepared for the fatigue, but also the mind.

We had a busy week preparing for a backpacking trip (see Backpacking: Grafton Notch Loop Day 1 ) and I was scheduled for a run clinic with Kale the morning we embarked on our hike. The day of the run clinic and hike was very warm, it was 11:00 AM and we met at a track in Meredith, NH. The track was made of the rubber cushy material that feels like you are walking on clouds – maybe more like a mattress, since I cannot honestly say I know what walking on a cloud feels like. Anyway, the clinic was great. We worked on posture and form; sprints, high knee’s butt kicks and even did some prancing (aka high skips). The goal, is to find the most efficient way for ME to run. Not everyone runs the same way – even elite runners.

With the run clinic complete, I took a few minutes to stretch and then we were off to Maine! Who needs a shower when your going to be hiking for the next four days…




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