Bald Mountain Campsite Privy: Grafton Notch Loop Trail

It’s the dutch doors that really make this a privy to remember.  Newer construction, nice curb appeal, a grand staircase entrance and with the ideal layout to take in the view while going about one’s business.  And right at the end of a nicely beaten path.  Available now, I’m sure of it!  With a view down slope, babbling stream in the distance, dappled lighting of dusk and the smallest of drops falling from the leaves after the afternoon of rain, it all makes the scene.

Funny how something as simple as clever privy can make a day finish right when just a few hours earlier thoughts of bailing out were running through our heads.  From that decision to embrace the suck came a not so unpleasant road walk, a wet stroll through a oh-so-green field, a fun swaying suspension bridge walk (used by sleds in the winter… that must be odd), an ever more pretty climb along a steepening stream to the campsite side trail appearing at the right time.  Flat (flat is good!) platforms, AND! with the best privy of the trip.  A good privy eases the mind, I tell yah. Doesn’t the smile say it?

Previous day 2 finished tough, this day 3 started better (though there were bugs) with the stunning morning views from Puzzle mountain and tramping around (with the bugs) on the slab is always cool, but the rain (and the bugs) gets to you.  However, persevere through some hardship (embrace the suck…. and the bugs) and the trail will provide.  Or… when a new privy with a clever fancy door makes your day, could it say something about the day?  Oh it’s always a good day when you find an excellent seat to view the world and contemplate your place.

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