My Ultra Experience: WK 3

Run: 21.5 miles
Strength: 2:00 hours
Hike: 0 miles 😦
Sun Salutations: 2
Rest Days: 1

Week three, the day after the 12 mile Belknap Hike, started with a much needed rest day. Then came the 30 minute “shakeout” run which was horrible, but not for the reasons you’d think. The air was so thick that you could cut it with a knife and my legs felt like I would imagine sausages feel like…bloated and nearly protruding from their casing. Not a very pleasant description coming from a vegetarian, eh?! Regardless of how I felt during the run, afterwards I felt cleansed.

After a day of strength training, my training plan had me running rolling hills for an hour – with no walking breaks. I couldn’t easily think of an ideal route so I decided to run in circles. A nearby circular side road was perfect…if you can imagine how the earth is on a an axis… the route was tilted perfectly so I could run laps up and down and round and round.

ball ball shaped color earth
Photo by Pixabay on

It was a pleasant evening and people were out watering lawns and raking leaves. One man in particular gave me an odd look as I ran by on my second lap. I laughed and told him that he’d be seeing me many more times; I don’t think he believed me. Every lap after that I received kind words of encouragement from him: “You’re doing great!” “Did someone pick you up on the other side, that was a fast one!” It was touching, that a stranger would offer encouragement. I mean, you receive plenty of encouragement from strangers during races but to receive it during a training run was special. After my last lap (I ended up running 6) I ran over to the man and thanked him for his kind words – I wanted to make sure he knew how much I appreciated it. He further shocked me by telling me that if I am ever back in the neighborhood on a run and need water, to simply knock on the door. What a kind gesture!!

Another day of strength training, this time with Kale and a smorgasbord of activities, complete with molten lava! Leaping from Bosu to Bosu was tough, and if I was to step into the molten lava (aka the floor) I was sent to the wall for a 30 second wall sit. It wasn’t until the last round of this activity – on tired legs mind you – that I lost my balance and stepped into the lava. To the wall I went…as if I was back in grammar school and I was in “time out” or got my name “on the board”. The difference?…it ended with a cold brew!






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