Backpacking: Grafton Notch Loop Day 1

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time for a backpacking trip. With an already short work week, we decided to take an extra day on both ends to extend it even longer and set off on a 39 mile trek in Maine! More info on the trail can be found here: MATC and here: AMC

Grafton Notch State Park to Baldpate Shelter 2.5 miles

Short but not forgiving hike in to Baldpate Lean-to. We decided it was best to stop here because my legs were tired from a mid-morning run clinic with Kale and stiff from sitting in the car for a couple hours.

The trail itself is your standard New England; rock, root and stream hopping. The black flies made an appearance tonight as we cooked supper, weaving into my hair. Only a few actual took a piece of me…

Supper was North African Stew from Hawk Vittles, it had been a while since we enjoyed vittles and it was our last package. We added a little expedition sauce to give it a kick!

As we lay in the tent pondering where we shall lay our head tomorrow, John and I both thought we heard the sound of music playing -or a party- in the background. Is it our mind trying to make sense of the subtle noises of the wind, stream, birds and chipmunks? Or is it the moose, having a grand old time in the trees, playing the banjo?

It’s likely that our mind doesn’t know what to make of the quiet…we’ve been away from the woods for far too long…

I love me a good privy!

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