My Ultra Experience: WK 1

Run: 9.1 miles
Strength: 2:00 hours
Hike: 0 miles
Sun Salutations: 2
Rest Days: 2

The first “official” training week with Kale, my running coach, was moving. Pun intended there, since I was physically moving nearly the entire week! But really, after my first one-on-one training session with Kale, I drove away feeling something shifting inside me. A swirl of excitement, dread, wonder, and questioning consumed the hours’ drive home. It was at this moment, that the journey truly began.

That was Friday. Two days later, I ran the Joe English Trail Challenge…a trail run in the Joe English Reservation with your choice of a 30k, 25k, 12.5k, and 5k distances. I chose the 5k for this event since I was mostly there to scope out the terrain for the Twilight Challenge this coming fall…My Ultra Experience.

More to come about Twilight Challenge aka My Ultra Experience. First, I’d like to describe the 5k trail challenge. The race started and finished at Freestyle Farm in Amherst, a quaint town in southern New Hampshire. It was a perfectly drizzly spring day, with May flies just starting to roust but not quite awake enough to bite. The trail started out in a grass field, changed over to a wide equestrian trail, popped into the woods on a single track, back onto equestrian trail and across the grass field.

Maybe it was because it was a small race, or maybe it was the runners high- nonetheless, I suddenly became a social butterfly. I saw a fellow runner whom I met a couple weeks back and re-introduced myself, introduced myself to the race director, recognized a neighbor’s minivan and sought her out (we had never formally met) and initiated conversation with a race worker that I was quite certain went to my gym. It was a whirlwind of exhausting interactions that at the same time felt great to have stepped out of my comfort zone.

Isn’t that what a journey is all about…stepping out into the unknown?




  1. Sounds like the test run went well… and bonus meeting your neighbor. You never know when you might need something or they may need to ask for help. Nice job!!

    Liked by 1 person

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